Yup! you know I solely believe that of all the forms of art, the art of writing is indeed the most beautiful, satisfying and the best, it can indeed do thing's for you beyond your wildest imaginations.
   Nelson mandela once said:
 " A good head and a good heart is always a good combination, but when you add a hand that is good with the pen, you have something very special".
   These words mean so much,There is so much to writing that we may not know of,
You know words possess so much power and can  do a whole lot. Writing always gives us room to express ourselves.
    I love writing because it always  make me see things clearly, it helps me find a way, all I do is write and everything seems to fall back in place. It is a part of me and you can say that it is rooted into my DNA. It is a gift given to me by God made to be use to glorify His name and to save His people.
    I intend to use this gift to give inspiration to the world at large , to at least be a reason the…