True success ☄

I'm here again!!!

Get ready to be amazed.

   Life is an avenue where we learn a lot, be open to anything new that comes your way. You're living you're learning, you can't know everything despite whatever point in life you're in, you may think that you know a lot because of your experience but life always has
Something new to teach you.

   The term success is relative

The dictionary says it's the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
Some people would say it means fulfilment, achieving all your dreams and goals.
Others would say it means making it big, being rich and famous.

Now this is the question

What does success mean to you???

You know the answer to this question
is important, because it determimes the way you approach life and serves as a bases for your decision making.

Like I said the term success is relative it depends on your point of view.

So the point of this post is actually to tell you what true success should really be about.

Oprah winfrey says


Keep doing you !!!

Hey you!
      I think's its a beautiful thing that the same God that made everything looked at the world and saw a reason to make YOU. I mean, that's enough reason to be proud . It's reminds you that you are here for a reason, that is why it's important for you to stay true to who you are and just be yourself, that way you are giving your reason a meaning.
         Comparism is what kills us! But it's only normal because humans are always in the habit of needing more than what they have already, that's because no one wants to miss out on anything, everyone wants to be winning one way or the another. But I need you to understand that we can't all be the same, it wouldn't make sense. The world is a beautiful place, because it's filled with different people having different personalities and being themselves. Our differences is what makes life Beautiful. DON'T COMPARE YOUR STORY WITH OTHERS! we are all different people with different destines hea…


     I am not back yet
I just wanted to bless you with some good news.

 This is a reminder that no matter what you might be going through, things are yet to fall in place. Always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the darkest days come before your dawn. Trust and believe in the days ahead of you to give you answers to certain things. I hope the rest of your life is filled with so much Happiness and joy.

                 The best is yet to come !!!!

                                                         Chideerah ❤

Ps:  I would be back sooner than you know it

Hope... ( keep breathing)

I am here again!
I wouldn't say that I am going to blow your minds, but to let you see things clearly and to leave your heart fulfilled today.
      So where to start from.....

    At the beginning of this year I gave y'all a new year motivation basically talking about the gift of a brand new day and why we should appreciate life a little bit more, so that's what I am talking about today. I am leaving a little encouraging message about hope.

     We have a lot to be grateful for you know. Life is a pricless gift and God has really given us all we need. We need to be grateful for the fact that we are alive because no matter how bad life might be, the fact that we are still breathing means a lot more than you know. Yeah, I get life is not perfect and I may not even understand what you have been through or what you have been putting up with, but I would like you to know that there is always hope.

     A saying I admire a lot goes like this;
               "Where there is…

Forever young ❤

Hi everyone so I am here again a little late, my bad!!! . But  I am going to blow your minds today that is for sure.
       The truth of feeling alive in this journey called life is living Forever young. Allowing the heart to never die is living Forever young.
           In the world we live in "a lot of people live but aren't truly alive". This statement might confuse you but it is what it is. Humans have experienced a lot that has broken us and might have made us forget a lot. Well we would get to understand what I am talking about better.
        I told myself the essense of starting this blog was to share my ideas and things I have learnt with the world ( my thoughts basically) .
        When talking about  "Forever young" one thing comes to our mind , a lot would say it just means being young in mind and heart even when you are old and all that, and I guess that's basically it. It is all about our mentality and how we perceive things, but as I said …

The act of Gratitude.....

Hello guys !!!!!!
Here is a quick one.
I thought about something earlier , it something  I am learning and I would like to share it with you guys.
      We are all Blessed!!! You know that,  and it is important for us to acknoweldge that and be Grateful . We all have this mentality that we only need to be Grateful when something good happens to us, maybe we passed a test , got our dream job or finally got what we have always wanted.

          Gradititude is super important and you don't need to wait on something really big to happen to be Grateful. Be grateful for the big things, the small things and everything inbetween . Be Happy and Grateful in the good times and bad times, in the times you win and the times you fall . Be grateful and thankful through out life.
Gratitude is acknowledging blessings in your life . No matter how you may see life,one thing is sure you are Blessed no matter where you find yourself. I mean look around you there are a lot of things to be Grateful abou…

Self confidence ( Your super power )

Hello people!!!

  It's chidera again here to bless you again with my words. I am sorry this post is coming late
It took me quite a while to put the pieces of inspiration together and put down something beautiful. But you guys are really going to enjoy this one trust me.

  You know the mysteries of this world continue to suprise me in so many forms.There are a lot of things we need to learn and know to truly reach our full potential and become the hero's of our own story.

      Today I would be sharing my thoughts on what I consider as  the greatest power we pocess that is SELF CONFIDENCE ...

Okay short story!!!!
I remember sometime in 2017 before my matriculation ceremony into the university.
I went out with my mum to pick a dress.
My mum picked out a dress for me and I also agreed that it was lovely, I put it on and it was a perfect fit, so why not, I bought it. We took it home I tried it on for my siblings to have a look, I stood there flaunting my  lovely dress I was wearin…