The power in you ( Always leave an explosion)

Hello people !!!!!
This is chidera again
You can't Imagine how bad I feel for releasing this post late after I promised to keep in touch this year. I am really sorry , the truth is it took quite sometimes to put the pieces of inspiration I had in my head down and turn it into something  mind blowing . I finally have it and I am ready to share.
    You know you can just explode and destroy or remove anything that is bringing you down.
In life we have our up's and down's there are times we feel like we are flying and other times we feel like we are being stepped on. The truth is a lot of people would doubt you in this world they may look down on you and doubt your ability, but of course it's not their fault its only normal but it's up to you to show them what you have got ' Don't get me wrong I am not saying you need to prove yourself to anybody, I am just saying that people may doubt or belittle you if you let them too. That's why you need to show them w…

The Beauty of music

Hello beautiful people!
It's chidera again Here to bless you with my words.
Now today we are going to explore the heartbeat of art, one of the most beautiful things God gave us is MUSIC. I can assume that a lot might be going on in your head right now and you're like what about music. It may not sound like there is much to talk about, but trust me there is a lot to understand . Music is everything, come to think of it a world without  music can be seen as a world with no life, a life with no colour, beauty, excitement.
Yup! That's a world with no life.
      And it is true that the beauty of music is experienced by all. Music is what we all feel in our hearts and it speaks to us in different ways .It's the power of that little tune or inspiring sound and feeling that makes us do incredible things, it has that motivating rhythm that makes us feel like that there is nothing that we can't do .Music is indeed a beautiful thing and goes deeper than you can ever thin…

Be Happy ( The real stuff)

Hello people!
Here I am again. In my last post I said that you all would be seeing me more in 2019 so I'm trying my best to keep to my words. Here I am again to bless the days you have ahead with the lesson I am about to teach you today.
   God our Creator has made each and everyone complete and whole in a way that was meant for them. This means that all you have and all you are in this life is indeed perfect, there is no need to be in need of more.
But looking at our world today we are never satisfied, humans are always in the habit of needing more than what we already have, and once they are not getting what they want, it turns into sadness and worries, they feel that they are not enough, or they are not living up to expectations. This is exactly what kills us. We must always recognize the fact that we are enough and we are worth everything, have no desire to be like anyone else . Be Happy with who you are and all that God has given you. God himself said "my child be free f…

Every brand New day ( Here is my New year motivation)

Hello people
Happy New year 
I know I have been out for a while and all but I am back now , that attitude was so last year so it's long gone . So your going to be seeing me a lot in 2019 by God's Grace.

    So I am back here now with a new year motivation. I Know most people are not really into that new year resolution and all but that doesn't mean we should be ignorant to  everything that comes with that motive . We should be opened to new ideas and knowledge but that's by the way so moving on to the point
So in my last post I emphasized on the fact that I am still growing and still learning from life.
So basically I am just going to be sharing some of the little things I have learn't from life .
          You know this life is Beautiful and God has made so much available for us we need to be more Thankful you know. I want to Enlighten us more on the gift of a new day and why we should be grateful for the fact that where are still alive because no matter how ba…

Just so you know

I am still a work in progress. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn from life. I am sharing some of the Ideas that I have learnt and as I keep learning, I will keep sharing.So basically, I am still Growing❤


Yup! you know I solely believe that of all the forms of art, the art of writing is indeed the most beautiful, satisfying and the best, it can indeed do thing's for you beyond your wildest imaginations.
   Nelson mandela once said:
 " A good head and a good heart is always a good combination, but when you add a hand that is good with the pen, you have something very special".
   These words mean so much,There is so much to writing that we may not know of,
You know words possess so much power and can  do a whole lot. Writing always gives us room to express ourselves.
    I love writing because it always  make me see things clearly, it helps me find a way, all I do is write and everything seems to fall back in place. It is a part of me and you can say that it is rooted into my DNA. It is a gift given to me by God made to be use to glorify His name and to save His people.
    I intend to use this gift to give inspiration to the world at large , to at least be a reason the…